Why choose a gas fireplace over a wood one?

Most homeowners now favour gas fireplaces above any other type of fireplace. Here are eight reasons why: No ashes or wood scraps to clean up Turns on with the flick of a switch Flames are safely enclosed Less pollution: wood-fire home heating is responsible for as much as half of the fine particle emissions associated [...]

Why choose a gas fireplace over a wood one?2017-02-22T18:04:28-05:00

Are gas fireplaces safe?

Yes, they are extremely safe. Newer models have many safety sensors built into them.

Are gas fireplaces safe?2017-02-22T17:50:25-05:00

What is the environmental impact of a gas fireplace?

According to Health Canada, wood smoke contains several pollutants such as carbon-monoxide, particle matter, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and some potentially cancer-causing substances. The comparison is dramatic: wood creates 4 gr/hr of particulate pollution compared to a gas furnace which only creates 0.02 gr/hr. In addition, exposure to wood smoke could cause eyes, nose and [...]

What is the environmental impact of a gas fireplace?2017-02-22T18:04:43-05:00

Are gas fireplaces efficient?

It depends. The model of gas fireplace you choose greatly determines its overall energy efficiency. During our free consultation with prospective clients, we discuss this factor in detail, determining how much or how little heat you want added to a room through your gas fireplace, and the degree to which the fireplace will primarily be [...]

Are gas fireplaces efficient?2017-02-22T17:50:02-05:00

Do I need hydro for my new gas fireplace?

No. Most gas fireplaces require no electricity, except if your fireplace is equipped with a fan. For gas fireplaces with electronic ignition, a battery back up is standard.

Do I need hydro for my new gas fireplace?2017-02-22T17:49:43-05:00

Is a gas fireplace a good investment?

Yes. A gas fireplace is a great investment adding comfort, ambiance and an additional heat source to your house. One study found that adding a fireplace can return 138% on investment at resale.

Is a gas fireplace a good investment?2017-02-22T17:49:10-05:00

What do gas fireplaces cost?

Fortunately the price of gas fireplaces has become quite affordable and is considerably less than traditional wood fireplaces, which may require a chimney installation. A basic gas fireplace starts from as low as $2500.

What do gas fireplaces cost?2023-06-30T12:50:01-04:00

Do I need an inspection?

No. When dealing with an authorized company like Fawcett Fireplaces, we take responsibility for the job and ensure your installation fulfills all building codes in your area.

Do I need an inspection?2017-02-22T17:48:41-05:00
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